The Simple Simon’s System

We are very proud of what we built and believe in you seeing the endless possibilities available to franchisees. When buying a Simple Simon’s Pizza franchise in Kansas City, Missouri, you become an individual small business owner with a system of resources, tested systems, branding, and support to back you up.

Simple Simon’s has been an established business for over 40 years and has grown from the time our first store opened in 1983 by BJ and Becky Dumond to over 200 locations in 10 states. Simple Simon’s Pizza offers the opportunity to own your own business at an affordable price. 

Our simple philosophy provides an operation that offers limitless opportunities. We consistently offer the best product at the most affordable price in communities that most benefit from our products. We focus on the bottom line and efficiency to increase profit margins.

If you’re ready to own a pizza business in Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, Olathe, Lenexa, or Blue Springs, Simple Simon’s Pizza is Simply The Best Place to Be!

Why Open a Franchise in Kansas City?

Kansas City is a great place to work and live. With a diverse population, Kansas City’s economic development plan includes extensive support for entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on immigrant entrepreneurs.

Kansas City’s population is changing as more tech start-ups meet in what’s been coined as “The Silicon Prairie,” this new population needs an excellent food industry to support its growth! Our development strategy focuses on starting in the suburban and rural areas around hubs like Kansas City, Missouri, and working our way into the more urban areas.

With a median household income of over $55,000 and 23% of the population being children and teens under 18, Kansas City makes a great place for a new pizza business.

Because You’re Here to Make Money and Not to Spend it.

If you think it’s time to be your own boss, a Simple Simon’s Franchise is an affordable option for opening your first business or expanding your current investments. A lower upfront cost makes becoming a franchise owner with us much more accessible.

We have an incredibly efficient operation and inventory system that works with national distributors to keep your inventory costs low and profit margins high. Joining Simple Simon’s Pizza requires a lower than average up-front cost with $50,000 in liquid assets necessary and 5% royalties for our physical locations. Our SSPF kiosk options have an even lower upfront cost with no royalties required!


Is a Simple Simon’s Pizza Franchise the Right Business For You?

We’re here for the family who is hoping to support their children and create a legacy of business ownership and the experienced investor who is hoping to develop a chain of franchises in an area. Our franchisees are diverse, and we are committed to helping their varied needs. 

To become a Simple Simon’s Pizza franchise owner, you must have excellent management and motivational skills. You do not need prior food-service experience, but it is helpful. Financing and capitalizing on an investment is essential to the success of your business. You’ll need to find and secure rights to a site that meets the Company’s criteria. Last, you have to be willing to promote your store to see the most significant financial benefits.

You’ll be able to decide if your location should be a full-service location, deliver or take-out only. Whether your price point is to open a full location or a place a kiosk in a busy location, and whether you will build a new building or find and secure a facility to be remodeled and converted. Whatever you find works best for your situation, the Simple Simon’s Pizza team will work with you to ensure your success.

It’s all about keeping it simple. We believe you can become whatever you’re willing to work for, and we want the journey to you achieving your dreams and financial goals to be as smooth as possible.

The Perfect KC Business Opportunity!

We know that a franchise is a considerable commitment to invest in your future. We’re here to support you in your new endeavor every step of the way. Imagine a grand opening day that sets you up as a community member. You open in with regular customers that attract new business through word of mouth, known for your friendly service and quality affordable pizza. We believe in providing consistency across the board, so a Calizone in Minnesota is the same as a Calizone in Oklahoma. We make it possible for you so you never have to wonder what to do to make it all come together. 

Site Selection

We provide experienced company personnel to help you select the optimal site for your operation, based on market and cost.

Architectural Support

We’re prepared to provide franchise owners with the building plans and other types of floor plan samples and approved specifications you need.


Our intensive hands-on training sessions will equip you with the skills you need to prepare food and drink properly, control money and inventory, maintain your equipment, organize personnel, and market your store.

Opening Assistance

To help franchise owners ease into their new responsibilities, Simple Simon’s Pizza will provide you with a support system in the initial training of your new employees.

Training Materials

Operations materials and handbooks will be provided to help you as you operate your pizza franchise.


Our food distributors give you reliable deliveries at national contract pricing to keep your food costs competitive and profitable.

Field Service

Periodically, an operations specialist will visit your store to provide continuing support while ensuring you’re operating at peak efficiency and profitability. We also provide a franchise support center for any questions our franchisees may have along the way.


Simple Simon’s Pizza can help you create a marketing plan for increasing customer count in your local store. We will also provide you with materials to establish your location.

How Much Does a Simple Simon’s Pizza Franchise Cost?

Franchise expenses with Simple Simon’s in the Kansas City area include $50,000 minimum liquid capital and 5% royalties. By keeping our system simple, rapid expansion can be an option for new franchisees interested in growing into owning multiple stores. We train you on our operations management to ensure your return on investment is as high as possible by giving you simple strategies to succeed.

Start the Process!

We love pizza, and we love people. In other chains that are much more expensive to buy into and enormous, we’ve been told by other entrepreneurs, they feel like just another number. But with Simple Simon’s – you’re important to us. Our team will know you by name, and there is an ongoing commitment to your success.

Fill out this form to contact us and receive free info if you’re interested in owning your own pizza business with the Simple Simon’s organization!