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A Franchise is a Great Option for a Retired Teacher Turned Business Owner

Retired teachers often look for opportunities to bring in additional income while staying active and engaged in their communities. Owning a franchise can offer the perfect solution. Choosing a franchise model with lower risk and affordable fees can make franchise ownership accessible to teachers ready for a new career. 

Franchises are a great option for retired teachers. After getting your business off the ground, they often offer a flexible schedule and the opportunity to be your own boss. This can starkly contrast to the structured and sometimes grueling days of standardized tests and writing lesson plans.

A franchise allows teachers to own a business without starting from scratch. This helps a teacher transition into entrepreneurship while avoiding some of the costly mistakes that are common when moving into a new industry. 

Teaching Skills are Ideal for Operating a Successful Franchise

You know how to command the attention of a group and lead them towards achieving a goal. You know how to communicate with a diverse set of subjects to transfer knowledge. You know how to keep it all organized even in chaos. When you become a franchisee, you’ll be able to use all of these invaluable classroom skills to lead your team as a small business owner. 

If you’re still interested in the teaching profession, there are opportunities to continue as a private tutor or create instructional materials for sites like Teachers Pay Teachers. However, if you’re interested in expanding your variety of experiences, a fast food franchise might provide the opportunity for something new without considerable risk. 

Being a great leader and teacher is about helping your team be the most successful they can be collectively and individually. You’ll already have a knack for utilizing your employees’ natural strengths by giving them their best-suited responsibilities with clear direction and support.

Location, quality product, and excellent customer service are usually at the top of the list for a successful franchise – but there’s one more critical ingredient: a talented and dedicated owner. And who better to fill that role than a retired teacher?

Transferring Teaching Experience to Business Ownership

The Simple Simon’s Pizza franchise model offers access to retired teachers to transition into owning their pizza restaurant at an affordable price. Our franchise fees are comparably lower than the competition, plus we provide one-on-one support to help you get your business up and running.

If you’re worried about help with your operations, consider this: many of our locations are family-run businesses, or you could always consider hiring a store manager if you’re ready to sit back and enjoy your retirement. 

We have more than 200 locations across nine states, and we’re continuing to grow. Pizza franchises have proven to be recession-proof businesses and can be a stable income source in good and not-so-great economic conditions. 

Trying something completely new can feel like a considerable risk, and we want to help you ensure your investment yields long-term success. We also know that we grow as a corporation when you succeed as a franchisee. That’s why Simple Simon’s Pizza provides a clear pathway to ownership and ongoing support through the opening process and in the future. 

When you become a Simple Simon’s Pizza franchisee, you’ll join a network of like-minded individuals passionate about small business ownership. We have a simple business model that is easy to follow and comes with comprehensive training and support.

If you’re a retired teacher looking for a simple business model with the possibility of high-profit margins, a Simple Simon’s Pizza franchise is the perfect opportunity for you!

Become a Retired Teacher Business Owner with Simple Simon’s Pizza

In the end, it all comes back to what you love. If you’re a retired teacher interested in becoming a business owner and want to do something more fulfilling than just relaxing after retirement, this could be your dream job. The positive impact you can have on the lives of your family, employees, customers and community makes it worthwhile.

Quick Serve Restaurant franchises are popular for retirees, and it’s easy to see why. They offer the opportunity for increased income plus the freedom of being your own boss.

Beginning the process with Simple Simon’s Pizza is easy; just contact our team to learn more about our opportunities and see if our franchising model is the right fit for you!