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Looking to Buy a Franchise in Texas?
What to Look For in a Texas Franchise
Benefits of Starting a Franchise in Texas
Start Your Own Franchise in Texas Today

The rumors are true; everything is bigger in Texas. Big personalities, big buildings, big stadiums, and an even bigger opportunity to invest in the best franchise to own in Texas exist throughout the Lone Star state from San Antonio to Fort Worth! 

Looking to Buy a Franchise in Texas?

First, a little primer on what a franchise business is precisely. As defined by Investopedia, “A franchise is a type of license that grants a franchisee access to a franchisor’s proprietary business knowledge, processes, and trademarks, thus allowing the franchisee to sell a product or service under the franchisor’s business name.”

So, what makes a franchise opportunity an attractive investment? One of the most notable advantages of a franchise business is inheriting a proven business model alongside a tried and true product with brand recognition to boot.

Becoming a franchisee in pursuit of your business ownership goals is a sought-after endeavor. One reason for its growing popularity in the United States is that it is more secure and reliable than opening a small business from scratch. According to a June 2023 article published by Forbes magazine, being a franchise owner is becoming increasingly favored by those looking for a new business opportunity, especially when facing a downturn in the national economy. With an existing structure for new location onboarding in place, it’s no wonder franchise opportunities are becoming known for their security and sustainability, and Texas franchises are no exception. 

There are significant differences to acknowledge when looking to own a franchise in Texas versus a small business. Off the top, there is already more flexibility and fewer risks associated with a franchise. 

Owning a franchise can also be a better choice for work-life balance in a post-pandemic world. Believe it or not, gone are the days when professionals miss out on things that matter the most due to work. Franchise owners have much more flexibility since all the logistics don’t need to be created or tested. Those searching for more financial freedom continue to discover the benefits of owning a franchise and the value of not sacrificing their time to secure their future. 

Today’s economy can be unpredictable. Therefore, choosing the best franchise as an investment can be difficult. 

What to Look for in a Texas Franchise

There are a few things to consider in the search for the best franchise to own in Texas. As mentioned previously, branding supplied by a franchise company is of particular value to franchisees by providing association with names and companies people already know, love, and respect. 

To take the most advantage of an existing brand, those looking into franchise ownership might want to look for a food franchise company with an established customer base in the desired area, where the locals are familiar with the reputation and hungry for the chance to frequent a new location. 

When purchasing a franchise, it is also imperative to consider market growth and the parent company’s overall plans for expansion, in addition to understanding the franchise fee and initial investment required. 

Benefits of Starting a Franchise in Texas 

It’s a common misconception that being a franchise owner is only meant for those in bigger cities such as Austin, Houston, or Dallas. Considering the state’s steady population growth in recent years, no community is too small to aspire for franchise ownership, making it one of the chief benefits of starting a food franchise in Texas. 

According to the 2023 U.S. census report, Texas experienced a 43% jump in growth, making Texas the fourth fastest-growing state in the country. With such an increase in population, residents are settling beyond metropolitan areas and trickling deeper into smaller cities and more rural areas. The best franchise location might be in a smaller town with less competition and a community looking for all the comforts and convenience of a larger city.  

Additionally, Texas might offer one of the best franchise opportunities with its impressive economy, especially compared to the rest of the United States. Recognized as one of the highest-ranked economies in the country and boasting the fastest growth in real GDP at an annual rate of 7% (towering over the national average of 2.6%), according to the Texas Governor’s website, Texas might offer the most promising locale for a franchising opportunity attracting prospective franchisees of varying financial means.

Start Your Own Franchise in Texas Today 

Although there are many opportunities to become a franchise owner in Texas, Simple Simon’s Pizza is arguably the premiere Texas franchise opportunity. 

Ranked as one of the top ten most effective franchise opportunities in the United States with over 235 locations across ten states and over 40 years in business, franchising with Simple Simon’s Pizza makes opening a new franchise a winning investment in various ways.

Smooth Process

Simple Simon’s Pizza ensures a streamlined application process, getting you from applicant to owner faster. A prospective franchisee would first fill out a franchising request form, submit an application, and then prepare for a discovery day to visit the corporate office, tour, and chat with the staff. In continued support, franchisees undergo a comprehensive training process with ongoing guidance from franchise support representatives available at any time to assist along the way. There are no surprises and very clear guidelines with this franchise opportunity that help anyone interested successfully complete onboarding, leading all the way up to the day your doors open for business and beyond.

Quicker Return on Investment

With lower upfront costs and a few “simple” ingredients, you’re liable to see a return on investment sooner with Simple Simon’s Pizza than with many other franchise businesses. The profit margin is high with national account pricing, low food costs, and no advertising co-op requirements. 

This, coupled with the unmatched training and support provided by the Simple Simon’s Pizza Franchise Support Center, franchising with Simple Simon’s Pizza can help bring almost anyone’s dreams of opening a food franchise in Texas into reality. 

Considering our years of success, personal support and training, proven business model, and very tasty pizza, Simple Simon’s Pizza is the best franchise to own in Texas.  With a booming economy and opportunities spanning the hills of Lubbock to the plains of Denton or the storied city of El Paso, a newly constructed Simple Simon’s Pizza franchise location could be created just for you. If you’re looking for the best franchise opportunity in Texas, contact Simple Simon’s Pizza to start your low-cost franchise today.