You know a franchise is family-friendly when you can take your kids to work and they don’t mind. You can bring them along on errands or even just walk through the store without worrying about how loud they are being. 

Family-friendly franchises make it easy to integrate work with family life without feeling guilty or like you’re neglecting someone. A truly family-friendly business understands that people have families, and they want those families to be happy while also maintaining a healthy working environment. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes family-friendly franchises great for parents and kids so that you can find one that fits into your own lifestyle!

The Hours Make Sense For Your Life

The hours your franchise would be open should make sense for your family. If you plan on being hands-on with your business and would need to be up and out before the sun and gone after bedtime, you have to consider if that business model would benefit your relationship with your child. 

Even if your business is open later in the evening, if you’re a couple going into business with each other, you may be able to adjust your schedules to find the middle ground. We’ve seen married couples take certain shifts in the morning and afternoon while the other stays home with their young children. By offering flexibility in hours, you can work out a schedule that serves for your customers, employees and family.

A Family-Friendly Franchise Can Integrate Work and Family

If you’re a parent of older children, you can integrate work and family by hiring your teens as employees; you get trustworthy help and they earn spending money. They may even want to run the business for you some day! If you have younger children, you can also integrate your business into their lives by sponsoring their sports team or donating some of your products to their class or club. These gestures make a difference in the way they view the time you spend making a living.

When thinking of integrating family and business, you can also think beyond just your spouse and kids. Consider the opportunities around you. Would your parents, aunts, uncles or siblings be interested in franchise ownership as well? Having help with the initial investment of time and finances could bring fresh opportunities to your entire family.

You Can Hire People You Trust to Help 

As a new business owner, you’ll likely be spending a lot of time in your store. You may even need to hire someone to manage the day-to-day operations of your franchise as you continue to grow while making time for your family. While it’s important that you find someone who can do the job well and fit within your vision for the business, choosing someone who is trustworthy is also key.

Trust plays an essential role in building relationships with both customers and employees. If people trust their manager, they’re more likely to follow through on tasks assigned by them, and if they trust the company’s owners, they’re more likely to be careful with their time, resources and money.

If you hire a family member or close friend for a position at work, be sure to make sure they have all of the necessary skills to fulfill the role. They should understand the details, expectations and reasoning of how things are run so they can prioritize and keep your business running smoothly whether you’re on-location or not.

The Franchise Can Financially Support Your Family

There’s no point in being a franchise owner if you won’t bring in the income your family needs to thrive. The franchise you choose should be able to support your family’s lifestyle both from a time aspect and in terms of income. Choosing a franchise that can’t support your family could mean a loss of time and money as well as add stress on you, your spouse and your kids.

Your Franchisor and Your Community Can Provide Support

Your franchisor should be invested in helping you succeed, so choose a company that will provide training, continuous advice and support when encountering new issues. The franchisor should also offer a comprehensive business plan for its franchisees to review before making any commitment. If you are looking at multiple franchises, compare their plans for success and choose the one best suited for your skillset and goals. This is especially important if this is your first time owning a business because many things go into running one successfully – from marketing strategies to employee management – which may not be obvious at first glance (and therefore require extra effort).

You should also ensure you have the support of your community. That means ensuring you have family and friends that will not only frequent your business but provide a helping hand with babysitting or taxi-ing your child to extracurricular activities when you may not have the time. If you support the people and other local businesses of your community, they’ll return the favor and your business and family will have a foundation of trust you can all depend on.

It Offers a Kid-Friendly Environment

You may want to choose a kid friendly franchise opportunity that offers a welcoming environment for children. If your child is too young to enter the store or restaurant you own, things can get inconvenient when you need to bring them along. It also helps if they enjoy visiting the business. Having a business they love themselves can make your kids some of your greatest marketers. When choosing franchises from which children can benefit from as customers or future owners down the road, they can learn important skills while enjoying their time with family members and friends!

There Isn’t Much That’s More Family-Friendly Than Pizza

There are few franchises more family-friendly than a local pizzeria. With Simple Simon’s Pizza, you can count on a family-friendly food franchise with a business model for success.

Plus, Simple Simon’s Pizza franchisees enjoy brand recognition with over 30 years in business and more than 200 locations across the United States. Many of those locations are owned by families!

We are proud of our family-friendly culture and take great care in making sure that every franchisee feels welcome at their new business location. Contact us to learn more about a franchise opportunity with Simple Simon’s Pizza and our high-margin business model today.